Често Задавани Въпроси
Не можете да немерите отговора? Пишете ни.

Да, Златните потребители могат да видят всички минали мачове без ограничение.

The answer is "No".

Yes, you can. But there are strict rules and prices. If you are not satisfied with those rules, please move on:

The MONTHLY price for each Ad Space is as follows:
Header Banner (728x90, 468x60, 300x300) (500 EUR)
- Footer Banner (728x90, 468x60, 300x300)  (300 EUR)
- Article (500 EUR)
- Partner Link (300 EUR)
- Footer Link (300 EUR)
The minimum period of the deal is 3 months.
We do not make a geo targeting. You can buy the whole targeted traffic or skip it.
We do not accept ANY other form of advertising link push up , push down, any kind of ads covering the content etc. Only those specified. If you try to ask for another ad format, your request will be ignored.