What is asian odds and asian handicap?

Asian handicap (or asian odds) is way of betting where you have a handicap (or line) for one of the teams in order to balance if one of the team is favorite. So the odds in most cases stay balanced, for example around 1.95 - 1.95. Of course its not true in all cases, and the odds can be imbalanced. There are some more often scenarios for asian handicap and a lot which are bit rare. In most cases you can see the following:

Team A     0  1.95

Team B     0  1.95

In that case there is no handicap or advantage for one the teams assuming that their strengths are equal and balanced, and the probability of A or B teams to win are more or less equal. In that case if the match finished draw, you got your money back (aka push bet). This kind of odds and handicap structure also is called Draw No Bet (DNB).

Another scenario is following:

Team A   -0.5   1.95

Team B   +0.5   1.95

In that particular case there is a half goal advantage for Team B and respectively half goal disadvantage for  Team A. Its a clear situation where if you bet on Team A, it is identical to 1x2 bet, betting on 1. In other words from the final result a half goal is deducted from the Team A, and if they lead after that you win. So Team A should score 1 goal more than Team B to get a successful bet. On the other side if you bet on team B, this team should not loose this match (aka X2 bet)

Next one:

Team A   -1   1.95

Team B   +1   1.95

Here we have similar scenario to the previous one, but if we bet on Team A, to win the bet this team should win with more than 1 goal difference. And if the team won with exactly 1 goal difference we have push situation and your stake