Season 1 Tipsters Gold Game

This is the first season of the gold game for tipsters.


1. Only Gold Members can provide tips. If you being gold then reverted to bronze your points will be there but you will not be able to post any new tips.

2. We are showing all matches from top 5 championship for a week ahead - English, German, French, Italian and Spanish top divisions.

3. The tips are based on starting lines and odds of Pinnacle. Does not matter if there is a certain line when you set the tip, when the event started you take the starting odds.

4. Tipsters can put on two markets - Asian Handcaip and Totals. For AH market can be selected Home or Away (or nothing). For Total markets can be selected Over or Under (or nothing)

5. Tips can be edited only before the events start.

6. You cannot see the tips of other tipsters before match start.

7. The season ends with the final match of all 5 championships which is around June 4 (if no postponed matches)


1st Place - 6 months gold for a new accont.

2nd Place - 3 months gold for a new account.

3rd Place - 1 month gold for a new account.