Review of the service asianodds of from Gianluca Landi

We are pleasant to communicate to our clients and future Italian users that our website and our services of Asian odds have been reviewed with an article and with a couple of videos from Gianluca Landi, for sure one of the most famous and important Italian sport traders.

The article with the video review can be read by clicking on asianodds the alternative to in mode 188bet.

Gianluca Landi made this video review because from the month of September 2019 has been erased the mode 188bet form, so that this tool could not be used in a professional manner anymore on that website that was needed as additional confirmation on the professional analysis made by gambler, bettor and first of all Sport Traders on the main and secondary football matches.

From that service it was possible to draw interesting confirmations concerning the entrance in a sport trading strategy or on the under and over markets. This additional confirmation was based on the additional service function, i.e. the spread between the opening and closing bets of the market. In Asia they “bet” big funds, bettors or who has inside information on matches where inspections are not enough and consequently the variation of the Asian spread is of considerable importance for the match analysis and avoid false signals.

The variations with respect to the opening of the market gives an interesting reading indicating the famous money-talks “the money talks” aspect that every professional of the sector should not underestimate.

Without 188bet su asianodds the service is no longer reliable because the bet volumes on the other bookmakers taken into account by AsianOdds are not that big to create precise signals on the market. The service offered by us, where we show the opening and closing spreads of the market of different and super important Asian bookmakers among who there are Pinnacle and Sbobet, goes to fill the void left by We recommend users in mode 188bet to use the Asian bookmaker Sbobet since we have verified that the Asian configurations are very similar between the two books.


We are glad that the first professional that relied to us and gave us faith trying personally our work has been Gianluca Landi and we hope that he will make other videos and reviews in order to well explain to the Italian and foreign users our unique service.