The review of AsianOdds from Alessandro Trabassi, creator of the statistical method Stats4Bets.

It is really a pleasure for us to receive the review on ours betting services on Asian odds form Alessandro Trabassi, point of reference among the Italian Tipster thanks to his book “Method Stats4Bets”: best seller book of betting in Italy.

The review that Alessandro made for AsianOdds is available in this article.

Our website is presented as the best alternative to Asian Odds.

In fact, Asian Odds offers a perfect service to integrate Asian odds with the statistical method Stats4Bets.

The control steps created by Alessandro find in Asian odds definitive confirmation of the already drawn path by statistics, bookings and comparison among odds.

Six control checkpoints that are exploited to study the match form each point of view until the of the Asian reading: when everything is aligned the match becomes a real investment.

But why the Asian reading is important and why it is important to find an alternative to Asian Odds?

Simple: because in Asia more money is bet and the variations with which the most famous bookmakers (Sbobet and Pinnacle among all) react to these variations becoming fundamental signals in order to try to forecast what the final result of the match is going to be.


Combine the Asian reading to the statistical method is the real secret with which betting professionals challenge the bookmakers.

Another “gem” of AsianOdds service is the Moneyline: the variations on winning probabilities based on the evaluation of money flow.

Through Sbobet and Pinnacle is possible to check the Moneyline of some of the major global bookmakers.

So, we are happy that AsianOdds was chose form the team of Stats4Bets also to enrich the lessons of the betting course “Asian Secrets”, through which Alessandro has already taught hundreds of students passionate of the Asian Method.


Thank you, and good betting!