Asianodds tutorial and FAQ

Current Games

current games at bookodds

1. You can choose specific league from the scroll down menu that you are interssted in. Available for all users.

2. From here you can select only matches which are starting without specific time. Other wise you will see all available matches. Available for all users.

3. You can choose from 5 different odds styles here. Select you like most. Available for all users.

4. Set your timezone. Be sure it is set correctly, because otherwise the starting time could be wrong for you. Available for all users.

5. Select number of events which are visible on the page. Available for all REGISTERED users. Limited to 20 for unregistered.

6. The default order of the events is based on their starting time . Reorder based on other criteria is available only for SILVER and GOLD members.

7. Showing start date and time of the event. If minutes till start are less than 60, it is set as count down. Available for all users.

8. Hide match eye. If you do not want to see specific match you can hide it. From your profile you can put it back. Available only for GOLD users.

9. You can open the betting page of the league directly in pinnacle. Available for all usres.

10. Shows the current handicap and their odds. Available for all usres.

11. Shows the opening  lines and odds of the event's asian handicap. Available for all usres.

12. Here, you can see the change from the opening and current lines and odds of the event. Available for all usres.

13. Shows the total opening and current lines, also their absolute change. Available for all usres.

14. Visualize the over and under odds of the total line. You can see the change of those odds also. Available for all usres.

15. You can see the odds for clear win. The draw odds are currently excluded from matches with posible draw option. Available for all usres.

16. Clicking on the magnifier you will get a popup with information about past games of the teams with under over stats plus their old lines and results. an extremely useful information if you bet on totals. Available ONLY for SILVER and GOLD members.

17. Similar to the hide match eye but hides the whole league. Available ONLY for GOLD members.

18. You can refresh the current data manually. Available for all usres.

19. Here you can change your subscription to SILVER or GOLD getting the absolute edge with all features of the site.


Past Games

- On this tab you can check the results of the matches which are already finished. In the date time tab you can select up to 1 day back for BRONZE users.

SILVER users can go back up to 30 days. GOLD users can see ALL DATA.

- You can check and compare the final result and the combined score for the TOTAL market.

Big Moves

Big Moves is a key page of the site. It shows all interesting events from all sports. Of course you can choose which sports can be shown. Based on specific rules, on that page are shown only games with big difference between opening lines and odds compared to the current lines and odds. In other words it shows only the essential and key  information for the future events.

This featured page  is avaliable ONLY for SILVER and GOLD members.

Team History Data

You can click on each team or player on the screen. For example we can click on Venezuela:

This will popup a following window:

Here you can checkout all matches in our database for specific team. In grey rows you can see the team history as a visitor. In white as a home team.

BRONZE users  can see the last 5 games.

SILVER users are able to see last 25 games.

GOLD users can view last 75 games.


Odds and Lines changes grapchics

1. If you click on one of those cells will see the following popup:

Here you can see the odds and lines changes over time from opening odds to the current odds for asina handicap. This feature is currently avaiable for ALL users.

2. If you click on the cells there, will open following popup:

This popup shows the changes of the line and odds for the TOTAL market for UNDER. This feature is currently avaiable for ALL users.

3. You can open a popup for the moneyline for the selected team as following:

Total Stats Magnifier

If you click on the magnifier in the current total line, will open the following popup:

1. Total Line Avg - Shows the last average total line for the specific team depening if it is home or away (the maximum calculated matches in the value are 10)

2. FT Avg - shows the average sum of the score the the specific team calulcating only home or away scores (the maximum matches in the calculatons are 10)

3. Diff Avg - shows the deviation of FT result compared to the given line.

4. This is showing the current total line and odds for under over.

In the second table  you can see the results of the totals comparing lines given and the final results.

This popup is avaliable only for SILVER and GOLD members only!