Features of AsianOdds.com

AsianOdds records all open lines, current lines, and changes of odds and spreads for all major sports –Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Am. Football, Hockey and Rugby. All the information on the screen is refreshing automatically without the whole site refresh.  In blue are the values which are moving up (including both – lines and odds) and in red are the values which are moving down (again lines and odds). Some cells are in different shades of orange.  That means that those values are changed recently.

On the page Current Games, default sport is set to Soccer, but you can browse every other. Those tabs contain most (if not all) games available to bet on the market. On that screen, you can sort the table based on your criteria – By starting time, for example, if you want to see the next games. By Event – it sorts not the team (or players) but the leagues on alphabetical order.  Clicking on the Current Spread will sort the table based on the value of the handicap. Change Spread will sort you and show you the biggest spread changes.  Respectively the Odds Changes sort will give you the biggest odds changes but keep in mind that if even there is not or relatively small odds change if the spread change exists it is a big move on the specific event.  Total columns – where you can sort by current total lines or by total changes if you want to see the biggest moves on that market. The same in spread - you can sort the odds changes but it does not guarantee that there is no big move on the market. Moneyline – first of all – draws are excluded, because of their rare changes and there is no sense to be visualized. You can sort the Moneyline change.  There is some filter which could be applied to narrow the results. First one is the league select – use it if you want to see all matches of the specific league. Time select – use it to narrow the matches based on their start time, for example, if you want to see the matches starting within 1 hour, click Next 1 hour. Odds format and time zone – select you preferred odds format (decimal is the most accurate format) and your time zone, in most cases, you should change them very rare. Odds and spread graphs – click on any odds or spread of the team, to see the movements of the odds and spreads over time. Clicking on the team will show you the last 25 events of the desired team(or player) with open and last values.

On the page Past Games, you can check the last started (or finished games ) for the previous 24 hours. The page works very similarly to the Current Games Page, the only difference is that you can narrow the period of shown games. The Big Moves Page – aka by our team – The Golden Page. Here you can find only the games which have significant changes in their odds or spread (or both). For all sports – on one page! You can filter the sports or narrow the starting time range. Everything else is the same as in the current games.

If you have any questions, comments, idea, troubles or just to know what time is it – feel free to use Contact us page to drop a message. We will respond you at 100% if you do not try to just spam us.

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